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Stellar College is a training organisation located in the heart of Brisbane and Sydney. Stellar College offers various courses at its Fortitude Valley campus and Sydney campus in Australia and provides demanding academic courses, high quality education and an amazing environment that makes Stellar College a perfect choice for a Vocational Qualification and English course in Australia.

Our Aim

Is to provide students with a high-quality based training that enhance their skills and knowledge. We want to ensure that we provide a pleasant environment and high-quality facility to ensure Stellar College’s Students obtain the appropriate skills that adapt to the forever changing requirement of the workforce and life.

Our Mission and Core Values

Provides access to tertiary education opportunities that enable students from all around the world to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals and improve their employability.

To be an internationally recognised vocational education centre and English college providing quality training to unleash the potential of tertiary students.

What Do We Offer?


To our VET courses: Candidates who wants to boost their career in Management, Project Management, business and Hospitality. To our English courses: Candidates struggling to get a higher score in IELTS and PTE for career promotion, pathway to further education, visa application or personal / professional development.

What Makes Stellar College Unique?

Experience: We provide an excellent education in project and hospitality courses and we provide specialised coaching that assist you in the completion of your qualification not matter your prior experience. High Quality: We collaborate with industry, partners and stakeholders on the development of preferred continuing education in project management and technology to ensure Stellar College is always at the forefront of quality of training. Creativity: We engage with our students by providing an exceptional supportive experience, to enable and encourage them to reach their highest potential and completion of their qualification.

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